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About us

Light of Christ is an independent registered Society. Registration Number : 580 327 914.
The Society is active since 1991. Our main goal is to spread the word of God and the holy saints to the Christian community in the Holy Land, Jordan and other places. We do that by printing weekly papers for about 100 churches, a monthly magazines, and other publications.
Our publications are spread to all the churches of the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Jerusalem.
In the weekly Sunday paper we include the Bible, hymns, and a sermon all related to that day.

Mail Address:

Light of Christ
P.O. Box 619
Cana of Galilee
Postal Code: 16930

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We kindly accept your donations via a bank wire transfer to the following account:

IBAN: IL480127260000000111122

or you can send us the donations by mail (a Check) - Please contact us for details.